We have been giving the idea of a name for the child some thought, and think that it would be a very good idea that the child has a name. We have also decided that we will wait until the child is born before we discover it's gender. This means that we have to think of two names, one for a boy and the other for a girl.

There are a couple of other ideas that we have, which might, or might not, help with the getting of a name. The first idea is that since we have an alphabet "thingee" happening all ready with our names, Jim, Kathy, we thought we would continue this pattern for our children, so the first born has the first letter of L, and hence the heading at the top of the page.

We also like the idea of having a middle name, and one of our thoughts was to use the vowels so the first child would have a middle name starting with A, the second with E etc. We decided against this because this would limit us to only 5 children <which is not to say that we are aiming for more> and the other thought was to do with Initials ... the first five children would have the initials LAC, MEC, NIC, OOC, PUC which could be used against the child in later life. So, from an idea supplied by Jean <Muddy Creak> we have decided that the middle names for our children will relate to the gender of the child and the parent with that gender's middle name. This means that, the first son would have the Middle Initial of B second son Middle initial C, and for the girls we would follow after Kathy's middle initial, so the first girl would have a middle initial of I, then J etc.

So, if you are wanting a challenge, you could give us some names that you think would be nice for our child. For a boy you will need to think of a name with the Initials L.B. while for a girl you will need to think of names beginning with L.I. Once you have your names in mind, send us an e-mail at Jim&

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Here are some of the suggested names that we have received.
Boy Girl
Lachlan Brendan
Lamdin Bramble
Laurence Beau
Layton Barnibus
Leamiah Braydon
Leo Briard
Lesley Benjamin
Levi Bradley
Liam Brayden
Lindsay Brent
Lindsey Benson
Linus Bradley
Little Boe
Little Boxer
Lord Byron
Luke Bartholomew
Luke Benjamin
Lyle Bruce
Laura Ingrid
Leanne Isabel
Lenore Israel
Lillian Ida
Lillyan Ivy
Loma Indigo
Louisa India
Louise India
Lucinda Irene
Lynare Ibus
Lynette Ivy
Lynnaye Isabella

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