All about BILL CREAK.

In fact, practically nothing.

Here are some notes on Bill. The dates are approximate; the event might have taken place earlier.

1975 Bill shows signs of developing into one of those insufferable people who can do everything. ( It didn't last. )

He joined a tennis club, and played football.

He is a Wolf Cub, about to move into the Scouts.

He started to learn the violin. ( He did pretty well. )

He fell out of a tree and injured his wrist.
1976 Bill broke his father's sledgehammer handle. He eventually bought a new one, but it was too big.
1977 Bill takes up hockey.

He gave up the violin, and the Scouts.
2003 Bill becomes the father of a baby.
2004 Another baby for Bill

The family page is more interesting.

If you wish, you can send Bill electronic mail.

Jim Creak,
2005 May.