All about JILL CREAK.

In fact, practically nothing.

I shall start filling it with scurrilous nonsense soon if Jill does nothing about it. If I ever have time.

Which I sometimes do. Here are some notes on Jill. The dates are approximate; the event might have taken place earlier.

1975 Jill excels at swimming, and other sports.

She started to learn the classical guitar. ( She showed distinct promise. )

She was a Brownie, but tired of the Brownies and was intending to join an athletics club.
1976 Jill has joined the athletics club, and wins things.

She stole Jim's computer cards to make wombles.
1977 Jill gave up the guitar.
2002 Jill was at Jim and Kathy's wedding, here are some photos.

The family page is more interesting.

If you wish, you can send Jill electronic mail.

Alan Creak,
2003 January.