Alan's unpublishable articles

These articles have all been rejected. Silly publishers. I'll get even; here they are anyway.

  • Alan replies to an article which argued against religion -

  • ... and to another about marriage.

  • This one was a letter about someone else's article, which I didn't really expect to be published, but it would have been nice.

  • ... and here's another response, this time to a New Zealand Herald "Talking point" ( included ).

  • This one is about a rather silly ( my first choice of adjective was "hysterical" ) article about science and religion from a regular writer who clearly understands neither.

  • - and this was a response to an article which simply didn't make sense. Unfortunately, I haven't kept the original - and when I tried to find it in the Herald's web site the article I found ( same author, same topic, same date ) didn't match my recollection. And the table wasn't there. Odd. ( The remarks about planting trees referred to a long-running and incredibly expensive exercise of the Auckland City Council, involving total disruption of Queen Street traffic for a very long period while the road was narrowed and rebuilt, and the trees were uprooted and replaced with trees. Not everyone thought it a good idea. )

Alan Creak,
2008 March.