Walks from Devonport

Jean and Alan have for some time been accustomed to going out each Saturday ( usually ) afternoon for a walk. We started to keep a record of where we'd been when someone complained to Jean that there were no walks within easy reach of Devonport.

It's true that it takes around an hour's drive to reach many of these walks, but that's one of the penalties for living in Devonport.

Most of the walks take us around two to three hours. Some of the exceptions are noted, but there's no guarantee.

What's in the table.

Briefly, not very much. The intention was to remind us where we'd been so that we could tell anyone who might ask. It also helps to identify photographs; it takes me some time to get through a 36-exposure film, and trying to identify a photograph of bush some months after the event, when you've been looking at bits of bush every other week, is not too easy without something to jog the memory. ( - and now it's an electronic memory of anything up to a hundred or so pictures, which circumstances constrain me to process much more quickly, but the record is still helpful .)

REGION, PLACE, NAME OF PATH, PART OF PATH : Fairly obvious : rough geographical area, specific place within the area, what the path is called ( should be what it's called in the reference material, if any ), which part of the path we traversed. Most of our walks include bits of a few tracks; I list each bit separately, but they should be read as a sequence.

YEAR, MONTH, DATE : Even more obvious : when we went.

SOURCE : Reference documents, if any, or other information on how we found the path. Each should have a link to a more complete specification of the reference. We've picked up these documents over the years, mostly from information centres around the region. Be warned that many of them are very old - we've been here quite a long time. The value of the documents varies from enormously helpful to quite useless.

L&S MAP : This is supposed to help you to find it on a map. It's commonly the Lands-and-Survey or Land-Information-New-Zealand map sheet number and map reference, but in default of those I give other sources if I have any. For a series of connected walks, I usually give only the first reference.
The references are frequently to ancient Lands&Survey 1" maps, because those are what we bought around 1975 and they still work, most of the time. I know it isn't very helpful, but it's what I have. There should be something like a linear transformation to references on the new maps, but I haven't worked it out.

COMMENT : What I felt moved to write at the time - not guaranteed to be of any use at all.

WAITAKERE : Of special mention is the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park; this is a publicly-owned park, managed by the body which has had various names since our arrival in Devonport but is now ( 2004 ) the Auckland Regional Council ( I think ). It appears very often in our lists, because there are lots of walks there. It isn't high enough to be called mountainous, but is certainly hilly, mostly covered in native bush, and big enough to get lost in. Local councils keep trying to snip bits off to build houses for people with too much money, but by and large these efforts are resisted, and should be resisted at all costs. The park is a jewel.

Tracks in the Waitakere are listed with numbers, which are their reference numbers in the successive park maps produced by the ARC. Unfortunately, these numbers seem to have been not quite stable; some paths have changed numbers, and some numbers have changed paths. I've used the numbers from the 2002 map ( because when I wanted to write them down we'd given away the 1996 map to someone ). The numbers are significant only because some time in 2003 we started to work through the tracks in numerical order, more or less.

THE WALKS : Originally there was just one list appearing about here. Around 2002 that started to get a bit unweildy; in 2003 I split it into separate years. The split form is wieldier, or it would be if there were such a word, but admittedly less convenient for searching. Therefore, I assert that some day there will be something in the nature of an index. Do not hold your breath.

Meanwhile :

Walks in 1999;

Walks in 2000;

Walks in 2001;

Walks in 2002;

Walks in 2003;

Walks in 2004;

Walks in 2005;

Walks in 2006;

Walks in 2007;

Walks in 2008;

Walks in 2009;

Walks in 2010.


These details might help you to find the documents to which I've referred in the table above. I think I've included all the useful information I have. Most of the leaflets are not dated; I have suggested both to the North Shore council and to the Auckland Regional Council that dates should be printed. Dates displayed in italic are dates on which we certainly had the documents.

( sometimes Short name | Real name )
Source Date
Ambury Regional Park leaflet : Auckland Regional Council < 2002
ARC Northern Parks booklet : Auckland Regional Council 1999 December
Auckland city's walkways leaflet : Auckland City < 2007
Auckand Day Walks : Department of Conservation 2007
Auckland walkways leaflet : Department of Conservation > 1999
Centennial Park - Campbell's bay : North Shore City < 2002
Coastal walk leaflet : North Shore City < 2002
Cornwallis Visitors' Guide : Auckland Regional Council 2001 January
Cape Rodney - Okakari Point Marine Reserve : Department of Conservation 1997 June
Discover Helensville and the Kaipara River Valley ( leaflet ) : ? < 2005?
Duder regional park leaflet, ARC : Auckland Regional Council < 2002
Eskdale Park leaflet : North Shore City < 2002
Exploration : Just us, wandering about when we were there
Family Walks : ed. Jane Burroughs; Wilson and Horton 1978
Forest and Bird book of nature walks : by D. Collingwood, E.V. Sale, Revised Joanna Wright : Reed 1992
Harbourside Bush Walk Trail Northcote and Birkenhead Harbourside Bush Walk Trail booklet : Community Facilities Trust - Birkenhead Northcote < 2002
"Harbourside" Web version ( significantly expanded ) of the previous item : Community Facilities Trust Birkenhead/Northcote ca. 2007 ?
Harbourside Walk to Explore New version of the booklet, including other material Community Facilities Trust - Birkenhead Northcote Glenfield 2010
Hema Waitakere Ranges map : Hema Maps NZ Ltd. 2001
Hunua Regional park map : Auckland Regional Council 1996
Jubilee Walk booklet : Auckland Regional Council 1990 May
Kauri Glen and Cecil Eady Bush leaflet : North Shore City < 2002
Kauri Park leaflet : North Shore City 2000 October
Kauri Point : Centennial Park & Chatswood Reserve leaflet : North Shore City < 2002
Kauri Point : Centennial Park & Chatswood Reserve leaflet 2006 : North Shore City 2006 ?
Le Roy's Bush leaflet : North Shore City < 2002
Let's go walking on the Hibiscus Coast : Rodney District ? < 2002
Long Bay leaflet : Auckland Regional Council < 2002 ( guess 1996 )
Long Bay Regional Park leaflet : Auckland Regional Council 2007 ?
Mahurangi Regional Park West Visitors' Guide : Auckland Regional Council 1988
Manukau Coastal Walks : Auckland City 2004
Muriwai leaflet Muriwai Regional park visitors' guide : Auckland Regional Council 1997 November
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Scandrett regional park : Auckland Regional Council 2007 ?
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Shakespear Regional Park leaflet : Auckland Regional Council < 2002
Shakespear Regional Park leaflet 2005 : Auckland Regional Council 2005 January
Tawharanui ecology trail : Auckland Regional Council < 2008
Tawharanui regional park : Auckland Regional Council < 2002
Tawhitokino regional park visitors' guide : Auckland Regional Council < 2002
Torbay leaflet : a photocopied sheet from somewhere < 2002
Waharau Regional Park leaflet Auckland Regional Council < 2006 February
Waiheke Island walkways Auckland City 2007 ?
Waitakere map ( chains ) A guide to the Waitakere Ranges walking and tramping tracks : Auckland Regional Authority; ??? edition 1976 ??
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Walking Auckland : by Helen Vause : New Holland 2000
Walking the Waitakere ranges : by Alison Dench, Lee-Anne Parore : New Holland 2009
Welcome to Woodhill Forest : Carter Holt Harvey < 2005
2 Foot Tour leaflet : North Shore City < 2002

Alan Creak,
2010 April.