Walks from Devonport

Our 1999 explorations

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All Waitakere track numbers are those given on the 2002 map; when I got round to adding the numbers to the file, the 1996 map was long dead. Almost all of them will be correct anyway, as the numbers are fairly stable.

NorthLeigh From jetty round bay1999March20Forest and BirdN34:318287 
NorthLeigh Seaward from jetty along rocks.1999March20ExplorationN34:318287Rough rocks
NorthGoat Island   1999March20Forest and Bird; Cape Rodney leaflet Ends at a seat. Might get down to sea ?
WaitakereKauri ParkAuckland city walk 1999March27Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #16N41:045560Very easy; waterfall good.
WaitakereKauri ParkAnderson trackAuckland city walk to West tunnel mouth track1999March27Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #18 Steep in places. Easy if dry.
WaitakereKauri ParkWest tunnel mouth track 1999March27Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #30 Steep in places. Easy if dry.
WaitakereKauri ParkWaitakere tramline walk 1999March27Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #23 Easy
WaitakereKauri ParkFence line trackWaitakere tramline walk to Cascade track1999March27Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #19 Steep in places. All right if dry.
WaitakereKauri ParkCascade trackFence line track to Auckland city walk1999March27Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #20  
AucklandNorth ShoreKauri Point, Centennial ParkMain entrance - West Headland - Chelsea1999April10Kauri Point leafletN42:232639Surprisingly good.
AucklandNorth ShoreChelsea sugar worksCentennial Park - LOST1999April10  NEED A MAP !
AucklandNorth ShoreKauri Point, Chatswood ReserveBlundell - David Beattie1999April10Kauri Point leaflet Surprisingly good, some quite rough bits, all right if dry.
AucklandTakapuna - Milford coast  1999May1Coastal walk leafletN38:284708Soso. Spoilt by large houses next to sea.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkTiritiri track ( most of ) 1999May8Shakespear Regional Park leafletN38:334891Good tracks, a bit hilly.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkLookout track ( fragments ) 1999May8Shakespear Regional Park leaflet Satisfactory; used to join the other two together.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkWaterfall Gully track ( most of ) 1999May8Shakespear Regional Park leaflet Good. Beware additional tracks in the wetlands.
WaitakereWhatipuGibbons track.Went past view to north to a very muddy bit, then turned back.1999June12Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #79N46:034374Fairly muddy.
WaitakereWhatipuBeach walkParatutae, Ninepins, Cutter rocks.1999June12Waitakere walks Good where paths, lots of bog.
WaitakerePihaKitekite trackWest bank. Turned right going up.1999July10Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #95N41:010479A bit muddy.
WaitakerePihaConnect track 1999July10Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #122 A bit muddier.
WaitakerePihaWinstone trackConnect track to Home track1999July10Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #97 Moist, but not bad.
WaitakerePihaHome trackWinstone track to Centennial track.1999July10Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #98 Climbs, not too steep, muddy places.
WaitakerePihaCentennial trackHome track to Piha valley track.1999July10Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #100 Fairly level, but uncomfortably muddy in places.
WaitakerePihaPiha valley trackMissed the spur to Piha Gorge.1999July10Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #101 Steep muddy descent tricky in places; once down to stream, much easier.
AucklandEast Coast Bays2 Foot TourMairangi Bay - Rothesay Bay1999July242 Foot Tour leafletN38:273743Pleasant, not overwhelmed by houses. Return by beach.
NorthWenderholmPerimeter trackCouldrey House to Puhoi Track1999August7Display at Wenderholm ( "Family Walks" has information, but it's old )N38:229994Mostly easy, but steep muddy descent towards Waiwera; somewhat engineered in places.
NorthWenderholmPuhoi track 1999August7Display at Wenderholm ( "Family Walks" has information, but it's old ) Quite easy; field at the top was muddy.
NorthWenderholmCouldrey House TrackPuhoi track to Perimeter track1999August7Display at Wenderholm ( "Family Walks" has information, but it's old ) Easy; rather engineered.
SouthDuder regional park Car park to north coast - by fence line1999August14Duder regional park leaflet, ARCN43:585530No path, but easy walk.
SouthDuder regional parkCoastal walk 1999August14Duder regional park leaflet, ARC Flat; rocks, sand, some mud. SW end is bird sanctuary; avoid.
NorthMahurangi West Regional Park Car park ( central to estuary )1999September11Mahurangi Regional Park West leafletN34:237013 
NorthMahurangi West Regional ParkRound the pointEstuary - Otarawao Bay, via Pudding Island1999September11Mahurangi Regional Park West leaflet Low tide only; easy.
NorthMahurangi West Regional Park Otarawao Bay - Tungutu Point - car park1999September11Mahurangi Regional Park West leaflet Steep, but all right.
WaitakereKauri ParkAuckland city walk 1999September18Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #16N41:045560 
WaitakereBethells Beach South down the beach1999September18 N41:977555South end interesting; low tide best.
WaitakereKauri ParkWhatatiri Track 1999September25Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #28N41:045560Different. Farm track by stream. Somewhat muddy. Steep bit at west end.
WaitakereKauri ParkLong Road trackWhatatiri track to Upper Kauri track1999September25Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #4 Farm track, but much water in deepish pools. Passable.
WaitakereKauri ParkUpper Kauri track 1999September25Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #14 Quite muddy, but not hard. Steep at east end.
WaitakereKauri ParkAuckland city walkCar park to waterfall and back to Kauri track1999October16Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #16N41:045560 
WaitakereKauri ParkLower Kauri track 1999October16Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #15 Quite muddy; up and down a lot.
WaitakereKauri ParkLong Road trackLower Kauri track to Whatatiri track1999October16Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #4  
WaitakereKauri ParkWhatatiri Track 1999October16Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #28  
AucklandEast Coast BaysCastor BayKennedy Park to Rahopara Reserve1999October19ExplorationN38:282722?Passes the time. Gun emplacements ( tunnel ? ) in park; cliff path to reserve.
WaitakereWhatipuOmanawanui track 1999October31Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #66N46:034374Very good, harbour views. Some bits steep and a bit exposed.
WaitakereWhatipuKura track 1999October31Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #143 Good; fairly easy, some fords.
WaitakereGoldie's BushTe Henga - Goldie Bush walkwayHorseman Road to junction1999December27Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #142N41:000607Pleasant, uneventful. Steep long steps at junction end. ( Junction further east than map ? )
WaitakereGoldie's BushTe Henga - Goldie Bush walkwayjunction to Mokoroa Falls1999December27Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #142 Very good. Fairly strenuous : fords, scrambling. PATH DOES NOT LEAVE STREAM, despite markers.
WaitakereGoldie's BushMokoroa Falls trackjunction to Mokoroa Falls1999December27Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #1 Steep, can be muddy. Non-exciting.

Alan Creak,
2003 November.