Walks from Devonport

Our 2000 explorations

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All Waitakere track numbers are those given on the 2002 map; when I got round to adding the numbers to the file, the 1996 map was long dead. Almost all of them will be correct anyway, as the numbers are fairly stable.

AucklandNorth ShoreOnepoto DomainRound the outside2000January15Harbourside Bush Walk Trail booklet, maps in domain SLIGHTLY better. Soso. Passes the time.
AucklandNorth ShoreTuff Crater ReserveRound, except for the motorway side.2000January15Harbourside Bush Walk Trail booklet - inadequate. Entrance almost immediately opposite Onepoto Basin entrance; leads to footbridge over motorway. Interesting, though thoroughly overlooked by houses. Clockwise - round to motorway. Anticlockwise - round to motorway ( no connection ), can return straight up Exmouth Road.
NorthMuriwaiTakapu refuge walk 2000February26Muriwai leaflet; Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #2; Family Walks ( called Maori Bay track )N41:953623Easy; blowhole, gannets, Maori Bay. Good.
NorthMuriwaiMaori Bay track 2000February26Muriwai leaflet; Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #37; Family Walks Easy; short walk through bush.
NorthMuriwaiLookout track 2000February26Muriwai leaflet; Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #31; Family Walks ( labelled Michelson Track ) Uphill; good view from lookout.
NorthMuriwaiEdwin Mitchelson trackLookout track - Oaia Road - Edwin Mitchelson Road - Lookout track2000February26Muriwai leaflet; Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #3; Family Walks ( unlabelled ) Steady grade north of Lookout Track; pleasant. Not quite like the map south of Lookout track; excellent view by climbing up a rocky outcrop.
NorthMuriwaiQuarry Track 2000February26Muriwai leaflet; Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #32 Bush, streams, lots of nikau. Very pretty.
NorthOmeru Reserve  2000March11North Island Walkways ( p 86 ); Family Walks.N37:996957Not much, but very pretty indeed.
NorthShelly Beach reserve  2000March11Rodney WalkwaysN37:902940Pleasant, not much. Note steps to little bay south of the main reserve.
WaitakereKarekareComan's track 2000March25Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #91; Waitakere walksN41:005438Good; quite steep in parts. Coast views. Sandals in dry weather.
WaitakereKarekareMercer Bay loop trackAhu Ahu track - Te Ahua point2000March25Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #92; Waitakere walks Pleasant enough. Sandals in dry weather. Note ( unlisted ) branch to Mercer Bay. Te Ahua lookout non-impressive.
WaitakereKarekareAhu Ahu trackMercer Bay loop track - Karekare2000March25Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #90; Waitakere walks Gentle downhill walk. All bush - no scenery at all.
NorthTawharanui Regional ParkEcology trailAnchor Bay - North coast track2000April1ARC Northern ParksN34:346190Very good. All easy walking. Sandals adequate in dry weather - perhaps always ? Rocky coast, then slightly bushy, then grass with views. Lots of people at Anchor Bay, but very few elsewhere.
NorthTawharanui Regional ParkNorth coast trackEcology trail - Trig station2000April1ARC Northern Parks Easy. Track or grass, views.
NorthTawharanui Regional ParkSouth coast trackTrig station -  ? ( track after Fisherman's track )2000April1ARC Northern Parks booklet Track through grass then bush. Quite hilly.
NorthTawharanui Regional Park?South coast track - Fisherman's track2000April1ARC Northern Parks Grass track, short but hilly.
NorthTawharanui Regional ParkFisherman's track? - Anchor Bay2000April1ARC Northern Parks Gravel track by stream with fish ladder, then to car park
NorthMahurangi West Regional Park Car park ( central to estuary, and across to Te Muri )2000April8Mahurangi Regional Park West leaflet; ARC Northern ParksN34:237013No indication of safe time to cross the estuary; two hours from low tide was easy.
NorthMahurangi West Regional ParkTe Muri Loop walking track 2000April8ARC Northern Parks Excellent views; easy in dryish weather. Track through bush at Te Muri point is not well marked, but the bush is clear and easy to walk through.
NorthMahurangi West Regional ParkFarm Track, Te Muriand a bit further at the end, to Spaniard Creek.2000April8Mahurangi Regional Park West leaflet; ARC Northern Parks Easy going; good views of Wenderholm. We stopped at a wire fence which looked like a boundary, but it should be possible to go on across the creek to the headland opposite.
WaitakereHendersonSwanson pipeline trackChristian Road to Peripatus track2000May6Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #24N41:082554Good; quite steep down in parts; usually steps. Probably difficult in wet weather.
WaitakereHendersonPeripatus track 2000May6Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #27 Some very steep bits, mostly up. The hard bit comes early ( despite the map ). Took us far less than the 1hour25minutes of the map, but would be much more strenuous and slower if wet.
WaitakereHendersonEast tunnel mouth track 2000May6Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #29 Reasonably easy; quite steep down in parts. Probably difficult in wet weather. After it meets the railway end, it's a metalled track.
AucklandTahuna ToreaSmall selectionWest Tamaki Road via low-tide route to sandspit end, back on north coast to path running east of brackish pond, south to south shore, back.2000May20Family Walks; Forest and BirdN42:397578Flat. Low tide route slightly muddy, but no significant water to cross at low tide. The references are misleading; there's no inland path on the north coast, but there are other paths; and the sandspit is much longer than indicated.

Non- exciting, but quite pleasant. Worth looking at the rest.

NorthOkura bush Stillwater to cottage2000May27Auckland walkways; North Island Walkways, p104N38:238861Pleasant. There by marked track, back by seashore ( notice says not within an hour of full tide ). Bits near Stillwater and inland a bit sticky in places - could be worse if wet. Some steep bits inland.
AucklandEast Coast Bays2 Foot TourBrown's Bay - Winstone's Cove2000August52 Foot Tour leafletN38:267766Roads not much fun - sea coast much better, and worth it. All passable, but not within a couple of hours of high tide.
NorthShakespear Regional Park Okoromai Bay carpark west end to north-south road2000August19 N38:325901Through regenerating "wetlands". Might be all right when they've regenerated a lot more.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkWaterfall Gully track ( alias Heritage Trail )North-west corner up gully to hilltop2000August19Shakespear Regional Park leaflet Good. Easy going despite recent rain ( almost all metalled ).
NorthShakespear Regional ParkLookout trackWaterfall Gully track to Tiritiri track viewpoint2000August19Shakespear Regional Park leaflet Hardly noticeable ! - clockwise is easier than anticlockwise.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkTiritiri trackViewpoint to sea2000August19Shakespear Regional Park leaflet Good track, steeply down.
NorthShakespear Regional Park Coast south to first headland and back a bit, then up the "cliff"2000August19  Good. Easy to the headland, but too much water to get round comfortably. Try again at low tide or in summer.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkTiritiri track"Cliff" to Te Haruhi Bay2000August19Shakespear Regional Park leaflet First bit at the wrong side of the electric fence; no easy way across until after the path goes inland.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkLookout trackTe Haruhi Bay to road2000August19Shakespear Regional Park leaflet Path starts behind barn. Lambing time - so had to go on the road.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkWaterfall Gully track ( alias Heritage Trail )Road back to Okoromai Bay2000August19Shakespear Regional Park leaflet Lambing again. Not much path. Muddy at carpark end.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkCoastArmy Bay to Te Haruhi Bay2000September16 N38:329907Good. Easy going at low tide; might not be passable at high tide. ( Still had to paddle a bit at the headland - almost low tide. )
NorthShakespear Regional ParkRoadArmy Bay to Heritage trail2000September16  A road.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkHeritage trailRoad to Army Bay2000September16Shakespear Regional Park leaflet Unremarkable.
SouthDuder regional parkDuder farm loop 2000September23Duder regional park leaflet, ARCN43:585530Pleasant walk; slighly hilly, no difficulties. Grass, no mud.
NorthOkura bush Haigh Access Road to sandspit, and back2000October7Auckland walkways; North Island Walkways, p104N38:222818Longer than it looks. Some quite steep bits, lots of zigzags. Easy walking - much metal, mostly dry.
NorthOkura bush Sandspit to Karepiro bay, inland2000October7Auckland walkways; North Island Walkways, p104 Dry, steepish, good walking. There's a sort of path out to the end of Dacre point at the top; pleasant views.
NorthOkura bush Karepiro Bay to sandspit, shore2000October7Auckland walkways; North Island Walkways, p104 Easy if possible. We managed, just before high tide, but the tide wasn't extreme. Walk right round the sandspit too.

( Do NOT follow the shore back to Haigh Access Road; exceedingly muddy and cluttered. )

AucklandAmbury Regional ParkForeshore walkVisitor centre clockwise to Kimi Esplanade2000October14Ambury Regional Park leaflet ( subinformative )N42:281492Easy. Interesting. Don't stick to yellow poles - go nearer the shore. A bit smelly ( probably depends on wind direction ).
Auckland Kiwi Esplanade Ambury Park to Mangere Mountain2000October14Ambury Regional Park leaflet ( subinformative ) Easy, but long and not much exciting after the first bit.

( There must be quicker ways to the mountain. )

Auckland Mangere MountainOfficial track to two summits, down to SW corner ( Pikitea Road - note gate to path, not road )2000October14Ambury Regional Park leaflet ( subinformative ) Hilly, but easy walking. Interesting. Good views - but not too exciting in most directions.

( Lots more to look at - third summit, crater, etc. )

AucklandAmbury Regional ParkLost gardensPath from Wallace Road entrance not marked; watch the map. We went too far south.2000October14Ambury Regional Park leaflet ( subinformative ) Easy. Pleasant enough. If we'd seen the information at the end of Kiekie Road it might have been more interesting.
AucklandNorth ShoreKauri ParkBalmain Road to paths2000October23Northcote and Birkenhead harbourside bookletN42:220649Mention in booklet ( page 15 ) is deceptive; take small path just past "Scenic Reserve" sign, turn somewhat left down steep hill to bridge ( NOT marked on the maps ).
AucklandNorth ShoreKauri ParkPaths2000October23Northcote and Birkenhead harbourside booklet, Kauri Park leaflet Pleasant bushy walks, some quite steep bits.
AucklandNorth ShoreKauri Point Domain 2000October23Northcote and Birkenhead harbourside bookletN42:220649Short but very pretty.
SouthMount WilliamPuketutu Rd to Puketutu to Mount William ( and back ) 2000November11North Island Walkways ( and some sheets, smaller but add nothing ).N47:525181Shortish, but good; undulating, with some steep bits. Dry - probably reliably so. The north side of the triangle on the map seems to have gone.
WaitakereTitirangiExhibition Drive 2000December2Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #50; Waitakere walks ( new )N42:166499Metalled road, party sealed, almost level. Unremarkable, but pleasant. Very easy.

Better ( more open ) parking at the west end.

NorthMosquito Bay  2000December9Rodney WalkwaysN33:773081Down to the beach and up again. Steep, slightly sealed. Pleasant bay. No mosquitoes !
NorthWaionui inletCircular track 2000December9Rodney WalkwaysN33:726078Through northern gate into wood, follow signs, return through southern gate. There's an unsigned viewpoint just off the track on the way up.

A bit muddy near the beginning only. Otherwise some steep spots, but easy.

No map.

WaitakereHendersonOld Coach Road trackMountain Road car park to Goodfellow Track2000December16Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #39N41:082533Easy. Very overgrown ( roots, etc. ) but still used to be a road. Steady uphill grade, not hard.
WaitakereHendersonGoodfellow track 2000December16Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #38 Mostly straightforward, but a bit muddy. One slightly awkward stream crossing, and a notably steep descent.
WaitakereHendersonFairy Falls trackGoodfellow track to Mountain Road2000December16Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #36 Well maintained path, gravel, board walks, stairs on steep bits.

Alan Creak,
2003 November.