Walks from Devonport

Our 2001 explorations

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All Waitakere track numbers are those given on the 2002 map; when I got round to adding the numbers to the file, the 1996 map was long dead. Almost all of them will be correct anyway, as the numbers are fairly stable.

SouthOmana regional parkPerimeter trackAlmost all2001January6Omana leafletN42:538573Easy path, pleasant views.

Noisy by the road

Do NOT park in the first car park - too busy.

SouthOmana regional parktrack to Te Puru DomainSouth corner of perimeter track to domain2001January6  Easy path, noisy, not specially exciting. View of wetlands.

Perhaps useful way back if you walk across the stream ?.

SouthAwhitu regional parkvariousLookout loop walk, with variations.2001January14Family Walks - VERY out of dateN47:172312Pleasant, not demanding.

The map in Family Walks shows the ground, but is totally inadequate for the paths.

WaitakerePiha RoadUpper Huia Dam trackAbout half way, and back.2001February24Waitakere map ( 1996 )  #133 - but experience doesn't fit the map. The entrance is significantly east of the position on the map.N42:062489 ? ( See note to left. Also stream names on L&S map differ from those on park map. )Starts muddy and rooty and steepish. Also routy - not strenuous but scrambling and fords. Track improves when it reaches old tramline.
AucklandLong BayCoastal walk 2001March3Long Bay leafletN38:265810Easy. Naked people at Pohutukawa Bay, and scattered elsewhere.

There's a "loop track" inland from Granny's Bay - possibly back towards Long Bay ?

AucklandLong Bay Back by the sea2001March3  Some paddling at about 2 hours after high tide. Somewhat muddy in places, a bit slippery; quite easy, though.
NorthOrewaOrewa EstuaryBridge to Riverside Road2001March10Rodney Walkways;Hibiscus Coast walkwaysN38:215909Very flat. Pleasant river; a pity about Orewa.
NorthOrewaPohutukawa Reserve 2001March10Rodney WalkwaysN38:214908Mostly grassy, houses not so obtrusive. Pleasant river; a pity about Orewa.
NorthOrewaAmorino Reserve 2001March10Rodney WalkwaysN38:216909Short path, then short walk on sand or rocks ( low tide ) to river mouth. Easy; good. You can ignore Orewa.
WaitakereAnawhata RoadRidge Road Track 2001March17Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #5 ( many more wiggles in the road than on the map )N41:044650Mostly broad and clear; comparatively level. Probably slippery if wet.
WaitakereAnawhata RoadBrowne track 2001March17Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #22N41:042657Junction with Ridge Road track not marked. Starts level, increasingly steep down to stream - pleasant. Some scrambling. There's a signpost at the end !
HunuaSouthVining trackAbout 105 minutes - probably at the top, but not at the junction.2001March24North Island Walkways, p108N48:745250 ( about )Very pleasant farmland, streams to ford. Bush track fairly well marked, much of it quite steep : lots of trees, no other view.
WaitakereNorthLong Road trackLong Road to Wainamu Bush track; Smythe Ridge track to Long Road.2001March31Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #4N41:024566 ( about )Dry this time - still one or two pools, but easy to pass.
WaitakereNorthWainamu Bush trackLong Road track to Smythe Ridge track.2001March31Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #6 Down, then up, both significantly. Straightforward, but would be much harder going if wet. ( Took 1 hour - the map says 2 hours. ).

Very pleasant walk; tantalising suggestion of view to the right never materialises.

WaitakereNorthSmythe Ridge trackWainamu Bush track to Long Road tack.2001March31Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #7 Up and down, but not excessively; occasional views from the high bits. Broad, mostly easy walking. Might be harder if wet.
NorthKerr-Taylor Reserve  2001April16Rodney Walkways ( NOT in Forest and Bird book )N37:018725 ( about )No information. Entry near north end of bush. We found an 8-shaped walk, well made, very pretty bush, about 45 minutes.

It says there's a car park 100m north; we didn't find it.

WaitakereAnawhata RoadKuataika TrackAnawhata Road to summit after Kuataika Stream, and back.2001April25Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #8N41:996509Broad and well marked. Very steep in places; slightly slippery in dry weather. One significant ford. More views than usual.
WaitakereAnawhata Road Summit after Kuataika Stream to Kuataika Trig point, and back.2001April25Waitakere map ( 1996 ) Narrow track to left at obvious high point of path. Well marked, easy, short; excellent views.
NorthTawharanui Regional ParkWest End trackRoad from lagoon - Comet rock - campsite - back to road2001September30ARC Northern ParksN34:333184Well marked, easy; very pretty. The seaside bit is along the sand, not the shore. Short cut back because we misinterpreted Comet Rock as Phoenix Reef.
HunuaWestLower Mangatawhiri TrackAbout an hour.2001October13Hunua Regional park mapN48:654294 ( about )Through the first gate; bear left up an unmarked track at the second gateway.

Quite rough; well marked once you get on it, but lots of small-scale up and down, roots, debris, slippery bits. Strenuous. Very few views. Stopped after a bit over an hour at a view to the SW.

HunuaWestPrivate forest road ( probably illegal ) 2001October13  Over the fence, back by the forest road. Easy walking ( 35 minutes back ), peaceful.
NorthWenderholm Car park to car park round the peninsula2001November10ARC Northern ParksN38:227991Non-challenging.
NorthWenderholm Car park to car park via campsite, Schishka Road, bit of Perimeter Track2001November10ARC Northern Parks Non-challenging.
Auckland Mangere MountainCar park on Domain Road - through playground, up hill, along ridge to southeast end, back through craters.2001November24 N42:305486?Pleasant. Very rural in the craters.
Auckland Old Mangere BridgeCar park at reserve, south end of old bridge; across the bridge and back2001November24 N42:304498Mildly interesting.

POSSIBLE to walk back over the footpath on the motorway bridge - should be a better view. ( Didn't notice until too late. )

AucklandNorth ShoreKauri Point, Centennial ParkMain entrance - Upper entrance ( nearly ) Swamp track - beach - Chelsea2001December22Kauri Point leaflet; Northcote and Birkenhead harbourside booklet.N42:232639Still good. Some steep bits. Quite dry, though the weather has been fairly wet.
AucklandNorth ShoreChelsea sugar worksCentennial Park - Less LOST2001December22Northcote and Birkenhead harbourside booklet, but not satisfactory. Tried to infer the way back from pages 5 and 9; but found no path from Colonial Road.

Alan Creak,
2004 March.