Walks from Devonport

Our 2002 explorations

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All Waitakere track numbers are those given on the 2002 map; when I got round to adding the numbers to the file, the 1996 map was long dead. Almost all of them will be correct anyway, as the numbers are fairly stable.

WaitakereCornwallisJubilee Walk 2002January5Jubilee Walk booklet; ( Waitakere map 2002 #130 )N42:128426Pleasant walk, no difficulties. "Station 2" was fenced off - "unstable ground".
WaitakereCornwallisLogging trackJubilee Walk, station 8 to Cornwallis Road, and back2002January5Jubilee Walk booklet and Cornwallis booklet Easy and pleasant path, but slippery and wet in places.

( There's a branch to the left near the lower end which we didn't explore. )

WaitakereCornwallisOrpheus graves trackCornwallis Road to Kakamatua inlet2002January5Cornwallis booklet; Waitakere Walks, revised; ( Waitakere map 2002 #56 ). Easy to graves; an informal but quite well marked path continues to the bottom. From there we walked through the bog, which is muddy but shallow and quite firm.
WaitakereCornwallisKakamatua beach trackBeach to road2002January5Cornwallis booklet; Waitakere Walks, revised; ( Waitakere map 2002 #57 ). Easy, pretty. Wet at high tide.
WaitakereCornwallisRoadKakamatua beach track to logging track, Cornwallis road2002January5  Road.

Logging track entry from Cornwallis Road : from a bit of "old road" on the eastern side, fenced off, track leaves over the bank quite near the north end.

NorthHatfield's Beachto Cook's Beach ( ? )Beach2002January19Hibiscus Coast walkways ( essentially useless )N38:213954Good.

Started at half-tide - only just passable. Much easier two hours later.

There's a rope down a very steep "path" at the north end of Cook's Beach ( ? - name guessed from leaflet ) which might go to the road where it comes close to the cliff.

Worth finishing some time. ( Stopped because my sandals broke. )

WaitakereKarekareCave Rock track 2002January19Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #93N41:005438Good; quite steep in parts. Views of falls. Sandals in dry weather.
WaitakereKarekarePohutukawa Glade walk 2002January19Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #109 Pleasant.
WaitakereNorthLong Road trackLong Road to Sisam track; Simla track to Long Road.2002March9Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #4N41:024566 ( about )Dryish again. Evidence of much civil engineering, new drains etc.
WaitakereNorthSisam track 2002March9Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #9 Satisfactory. Starts fairly level, gradient increases throughout. Very steep down at the end.
WaitakereNorthSimla TrackEast to west 2002March9Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #10 Steeply down to stream; VERY steeply up to the top again, but a good track ( when it's dry ? ).

At the stream : remains of an old dam; spectacular waterfall downstream.

Up the steep bit : some good views of the Anawhata valley.

NorthWenderholm Car park to Mahurangi Island to Kokopu (?) Bay2002March16ARC Northern ParksN38:227991LOW TIDE ONLY - island only accessible for an hour or two. Rocky, good. "Causeway" to island close to Waiwera River.
NorthWenderholmPerimeter TrackKokopu (?) Bay to car park ( to the west ).2002March16ARC Northern Parks Easy path; goes up a bit. NOISY near the road.
WaitakereAnawhata RoadChateau MosquitoTrackAnawhata Road to RGB track; Simla Track back to road.2002March23Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #11N41:022513Broad and well marked from road to near hilltop, with gentle grades; easy, but some red clay bits.

Narrow and steep from hilltop to stream, but well made and fairly dry.

Ford the stream; a very tortuous path along the stream, wet in places ( better to walk along stream ? - not obvious ).

Very steep between stream and junction of tracks.

Waitakere RGB track 2002March23Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #12 Steep near the stream, particularly to the west;rest of east side reasonably easy.

Pretty pool at the stream, two little waterfalls.

Waitakere Simla TrackWest to east 2002March23Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #10 Not as steep, or as far, down as I'd expected ( March 9 ).
NorthShakespear Regional ParkHeritage trailOkoromai Bay carpark east end to Lookout track.2002April14Shakespear Regional Park leafletN38:325901Left and up at the end of the car park road.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkLookout trackHeritage trail via lookout to Te Haruhi Bay.2002April14Shakespear Regional Park leaflet Comfortable.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkCoastTe Haruhi Bay to Wainui wreck ( almost ) and back.2002April14  Easy rock walking except for one bit - couldn't get past a rock gully right at the end. Try at very low tide.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkRoadTe Haruhi Bay to top of hill, turn left to woolshed ( nearly ).2002April14ARC Northern Parks booklet ( better map ) Road. Improves once on the farm road.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkFieldThrough gate to west of road, animal track following stream down to Okoromai Bay2002April14ARC Northern Parks booklet ( better map ) Pleasant walk. Far better than going round the road.
NorthShakespear Regional ParkCoastBack to carpark2002April14  Easy walk on sandy rock.
WaitakereKauri ParkRoadCar to Pukematekeo track2002May11Waitakere map ( 1996 )N41:048561 
WaitakereKauri ParkPukematekeo track 2002May11Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #13 Quite steep start, then fairly gentle. Map timing misleading; < 45 minutes upwards.
WaitakereKauri ParkRoad ( Scenic drive )Pukematekeo track to Anderson track2002May11Waitakere map ( 1996 ) About 8 minutes
WaitakereKauri ParkAnderson track 2002May11Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #18 Steep in places; steps. Some sticky bits, particularly at the bottom.
WaitakereKauri ParkAuckland city walkAnderson track to car2002May11Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #16 Unremarkable.
AucklandNorthTorbay Heights ( West )Stredwick Drive to Caversham Drive2002June8Torbay leafletN38:251788Parked in kindergarten carpark by Awaruku stream; entered path over bridge. ( There is a cycle track directly from the kindergarten which almost touches the track at its southeast corner. ) Undistinguished; fairly exposed - better in a few years.
AucklandNorth Caversham drive to Kate Sheppard avenue2002June8Torbay leaflet Dreadful map : KS avenue is directly opposite the end of the path, Phoebe Meikle place is BEFORE the entry to the next path.
AucklandNorthTorbay Heights ( East )Kate Sheppard Avenue to Fitzwilliam Drive via northwest corner2002June8Torbay leaflet Surprisingly good, some quite steep bits and not too overshadowed by the houses. Mostly good surface, one or two slightly muddy bits. Ignore some informal paths - the real ones have gravel laid down.
AucklandNorth Fitzwilliam drive2002June8Torbay leaflet Left and right.
AucklandNorthFitzwilliam Drive reserveFitzwilliam Drive to Emlyn Place2002June8Torbay leaflet Straightforward.
AucklandNorth Emlyn Place2002June8Torbay leaflet Straight across !
AucklandNorthEmlyn Place reserve 2002June8Torbay leaflet Fairly muddy - particularly in the first pass across a grassy bit. On return to the grassy but, turn left over an embankment to grassy right-of -way.
AucklandNorth ShoreIsland BayCar park along beach south to point2002July27ExplorationN42:209653( very short walk ) A bit muddy towards the point. Pleasant.
AucklandNorth Shore Up cliff path half way to point, turn right into grass reserve at the top, follow informal path through bush.2002July27  ( very short walk ) Also to the point, but higher. Somewhat better view.
AucklandNorth Shore Car park through children's playground and along edge of bay north.2002July27  ( very short walk indeed )

Mud, passable but not nice.

WaitakereTitirangiPipeline RoadHuia Road to Pipeline track. ( - and back. )2002August3Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #52N42:146479Metalled road, fairly hilly. Unremarkable, but pleasant.

Ignore side roads, tracks, etc. ( all unsigned ) until clear signs to Pipeline track, etc., lead off to right.

WaitakereTitirangiPipeline track ( - and back. )2002August3Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #140 Starts metalled, turns left quite soon into bush track.

Bush part is fairly muddy. One easy ford.

WaitakereTitirangiNihotopu dam roadPipeline tack to Hamilton track. ( - and back. )2002August3Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #138 Metalled road, fairly hilly. Unremarkable, but pleasant.
AucklandNorth ShoreShepherd's ParkCresta Avenue car park to eastern corner2002August17Northcote and Birkenhead harbourside booklet. There's a sort of map at the car park.N42:205679Follow footpath through bush, keeping left where sensible. Down to sea, up to headland, round into inlet.

Easy; well kept paths.

  Coast walkShepherd's park to Kaipakiti creek, somewhere around the end of Packham Place ( - and back )2002August17  Turn left down into inlet and across bridge; follow the "path".

Variable quality, path not always well defined; some mud.

  Shepherd's ParkEastern corner back to car park2002August17  Past sports pavilion, concrete path across sports fields. Non-exciting.
NorthRed BeachBeach walk 2002August24Rodney Walkways; Hibiscus Coast walkwaysN38:226904End to end and back; can't get any further at mid- tide.

Undemanding. Caves, rocks.

( Short walk )

AucklandNorth ShoreEskdale ReserveGlenfield Road to Kaipatiki Creek2002August31Eskdale Park leaflet; Northcote and Birkenhead harbourside booklet.N42:242668Follow footpath to the end. It doesn't go over the stream towards the end, as marked on both maps, but stays on the right (NE) side until Lauderdale reserve. ( It might be possible to get through on the other side, but it looks as though houses have been built almost to the stream at the NW end. We didn't try. )

Easy; well kept paths.

   Northish from Kaipatiki Creek2002August31  Coming back, just past the stepping stones at Lauderdale reserve, there's a path to the left along the bank. It is marked, after a fashion, but not obviously maintained. It leads eventually to a concrete path apparently to a road, and on to a grassy space which could be a reserve or someone's garden. No excitement; one or two pleasant views of the creek.
   Longer way back.2002August31Eskdale Park leaflet; Northcote and Birkenhead harbourside booklet. We returned by the path that goes to the north round a tributary stream. Well marked, pleasant. There's a grassy space about where the short spur path is marked on the maps; we were able to make our way back to Glenfield Road without going down to the bottom again.
WaitakereScenic DriveSlip track 2002September7Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #141N42:132487Muddy, but passable.

One or two side tracks might be interesting.

WaitakereScenic DrivePipeline trackSlip Track to Nihotopu Dam Road2002September7Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #140 Muddier than last time.
WaitakereScenic DriveNihotopu dam roadPipeline tack to Incline track2002September7Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #138  
WaitakereScenic DriveIncline track 2002September7Waitakere map ( 1996 ) #139 Good. Views in places ( particularly along the railway ). Slightly slippery on the steep bits ( red clay ) but otherwise pretty dry.

We omitted the little spur to the left.

WaitakereScenic DriveScenic DriveIncline track to Slip track2002September7  Road. Nasty, but unavoidable.
AucklandMount WellingtonCircular walk, car park to summit and back 2002September14 N42:364556That's about all. You can scramble down into the fairly impressive crater, but we didn't.

Very urban view, but a lot of it. You can see a surprising amount of water.

 Panmure BasinWalk ( clockwise ) round. 2002September14 N42:368543Pavement.
SouthTawhitokino Road to stream ( and back )2002November23Hunua Regional park map; Tawhitokino regional park leafletN43:705502Straightforward; sand and rocks.
This is presumably the tidal bit.
The path goes inland at the stream; we missed it the first time past.
   Stream towards Papanui Point ( and back )2002November23  Along the rocks; a fairly demanding scramble.
We didn't go very far.
   Stream over Papanui Point ( and back )2002November23Hunua Regional park map; Tawhitokino regional park leaflet Steep but straightforward.
Some side paths; one to a good view of the beach, others unexplored.
   Tawhitokino Beach ( and back )2002November23Hunua Regional park map; Tawhitokino regional park leaflet Pleasant undemanding beach walk. We went as far as an overgrown campsite by a stream towards the far end.
The reserve goes on as far as Te Kaiahorowaru Point.
AucklandMount AlbertCircular walk, plus a bit. 2002December14ExplorationN42:228557Entrance from Summit Drive; we parked under some trees near the entrance, but there are real car parks further round.
Round the "crater" edge, then straight back up to the summit and down through the butts.
Easy, short, views.
AucklandMount RoskillWander round. 2002December14ExplorationN42:258528Walked up the road to the top, down to NW, anticlockwise round "path" at bottom. No easy way through fence back to car park; improvise.
Easy, short, views.
AucklandEast Coast BaysCastor BayCastor Bay south to Wairau Creek ( and back )2002December21ExplorationN38:285715Nothing very special; not bad. Mainly rocks, rough but flattish. Probably tidal - we went at low tide.
   Castor Bay north towards Campbell's Bay2002December21  Walk, mainly over rocks up the coast. Wouldn't work at high tide, but we had lots of space.

Pleasant walk. Pass steps to Kennedy Park, on round the next corner ( past questionable sewage outflow ) to more steps - apparently private ( locked gate ), but nice view. Could go further, but we went back to previous steps.

   Kennedy Park to Castor Bay via Rahopara Reserve2002December21  Along the cliff path to the reserve, down to Castor Bay. Sea views. Rahopara Historic Reserve is a pretty little park.

Alan Creak,
2004 March.