Walks from Devonport

Our 2009 explorations

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Auckland North Shore Kauri Point Centennial Park Main entrance ( end of Chelsea View Drive ) "straight" down to Kendall's Bay. 2009 February 2 Kauri Point leaflet; Kauri Point leaflet 2006; Northcote and Birkenhead harbourside booklet. N42:231639 ( ??? )
  Very tidy. Pleasant and uneventful.
      Kendall's Bay to Western headland lookout          
  Steep, but well made. It's slightly difficult to find, as there appears to be no signpost from the beach; there's a rough path at the back of the beach close to the west cliff which soon leads to the "real" path ( and a small confirmatory signpost if you meet it at the right place ).

There's another junction at the top of the hill before you reach the lookout. It's signposted - left to the lookout, right back to the road.

      Western headland lookout to Main Entrance          
  Back to the junction, then take the other ( left ) branch. This leads back to the road.

But it is not as shown on any of my maps. There is no route through the Navy land; instead, the path goes round boundary inside the park to meet the Bragatto Place path.

( We should have known that; been there in 2006. )

Waitakere Karekare Horoeka track Karekare Road to Piha Road, and back. 2009 February 3 Waitakere map ( 2008 ) #87 HWR:422684
  Fairly steeply up, most of the way. The track might be a bit difficult to find after windy weather, as parts of it have not much visible structure and there's a lot of windblown leaves etc. about.

The views are mainly trees, with some glimpses of Karekare from higher up the path. Good exercise, though.

There's a very nice little parking place and campsite ( Macreadies Paddock ) at the bottom.

North Scandrett Regional Park Kawau Bay track Homestead car park to Mullet Point track. 2009 February 4 Scandrett regional park  
  Well-marked track through meadows. Somewhat uphill; good views.
    Mullet Point track Kawau Bay track to Mullet Point          
  The map says "unmarked track", but there was a clear well-trodden route when we were there. Keep clear of the cliff edge.

Excellent views.

    Mullet Point track Mullet Point to Scandrett Road          
  A pleasant walk, mostly along a ridge with the sea to one side ( good views of islands, etc. ) and the whole breadth of the park visible to the north.
    Scandrett Road Mullet Point track to Lookout track          
  Road. Still good views.
    Lookout track Scandrett Road to Orchard track          
  Somewhat scrambly diagonally across a rough steep pasture, with no clear path marked - but there are marker posts;

then along the fence to the top of the "cliff";

the turn right and follow the marker posts again down to sea level ( nearly ).

    Orchard track Lookout track to Homestead car park          
  ( We didn't find any clear point at which Orchard track changes to Lookout track, but that's what it says on the map )

- or go back along the beach.

Waiheke Matiatia Matiatia Coastal Walkway ( part ) Matiatia to Owhanake Bay. 2009 February 4 Waiheke Island walkways : "Walk 2"; Walking Auckland : "Waiheke Island". ?????
  Out of the wharf building; follow as close to the coast as you can until you find the path, which eventually becomes clear.

( That's at low tide; there is a high-tide path, but it's very non-obvious going north. If you can't find it, get to the west end of Ocean View Road, where the continuing track should be visible. )

Very good walk; excellent scenery. ( - apart from some of the affluent houses on the inland side. )

    Purple dotted line on map Owhanake Bay to Matiatia.          
  Despite the evidence of the map, this is the second apparent path branching inland. This confused us for some time.

It's up and down, and pleasant enough. The way back from Ocean View Road to the wharf at high tide is much more obvious, with some signposts.

Auckland Long Bay Regional Park Coastal Walk Vaughan Flats to Pohutukawa Bay. 2009 March 7 Long Bay Regional Park leaflet. ?????
  Along the path and back. It was sunny and very clear; the views were excellent.

( The "loop track" we tried in 2005 is now much more obvious, and included on the new leaflet. We didn't try it, though. )

Very good walk; excellent scenery. ( - apart from some of the affluent houses on the inland side. )

Auckland Shakespear Regional Park Lookout track TeHaruhi Bay car park to top, then down to road. 2009 August 9 ARC Northern Park leaflet. N38:893340
  Still good. We didn't remember coming down that way before. Mainly vehicle track.

At the bottom the path joins the road at a locked gate. There's a sort of stile derived from a cattle grid, presumably so that cyclists can use it. The grid bit is slippery; both of us slipped, and I managed to fall onto the railing and pull a lot of skin off my arm. So -

    Road Gate to car park. 2009 August 9    
  Not much fun, really, when your arm's bleeding.
Auckland North Shore Tuff Crater Reserve St Peter's Street to Heath Reserve, and back. 2009 August 22 memory  
  Much the same as ever. We wandered off the path over the grass around the west side ( bottom of Arahia Street ); it was a slightly different view, and noticeably boggy underfoot.
    Tuff Crater Reserve Clockwise ( from above ) to the motorway, and back. 2009 August 22 memory  
  The bushy bits are now much higher than they used to be, which is nice but restricts the view. On balance, it's probably an improvement.

We didn't carry out a search, but the "muddy track" we noticed, and explored, in 2003 wasn't evident.

Auckland North Shore Kauri Point Centennial Park Main entrance ( end of Chelsea View Drive ) to SouthEast corner. 2009 October 24 Kauri Point leaflet; Kauri Point leaflet 2006. N42:231639 ( ??? )
  Follow signs to Chelsea. This takes you to the south-eastern corner of the park.
  Chelsea sugar works. South-East corner onwards ( into what was private Chelsea Sugar Works land, but is now open ), and back again. 2009 October 24  
  Follow the track. It's quite clearly marked with red blazes, and mostly obvious on the ground. Rather muddy today.

The track opens out onto a grassy space near a road. There's a notice board with information. There seems to be no other path back unless you go north into Chatswood reserve.

  Kauri Point Centennial Park South-East corner northish, along the original track, to the end of Onetaunga Road. 2009 October 24  
  Follow the track.
  Road Onetaunga Road to car park. 2009 October 24  
Auckland North Shore Chelsea Sugar Works Park Exploration. 2009 November 7 Can't find a useful map. N42:243642
  We pottered about for a couple of hours.

1 : North across bridge round Chelsea Bay, more or less to Telephone Road, then back.

2 : Across Duck Creek by the footbridge, up the hill, wandered round surprisingly extensive parkland, returned down Colonial Road.

Auckland North Shore Onepoto Domain Carpark to Sylvan Avenue exit 2009 December 31 (?) Memory : a failure. We'd intended to go to the Exmouth Road exit. N42:266655
  Yes, we did exactly the same thing before in 2007. Again.
    Road Sylvan Avenue to Bailey Reserve on Exmouth Road 2009 December 31 (?) Necessity  
    Tuff Crater Reserve Round, clockwise ( from above ), to the grassy bit by the motorway. 2009 December 31 (?) memory  
  Pleasant, as usual.
    Tuff Crater Reserve Round, anticlockwise ( from above ), to Heath Reserve. 2009 December 31 (?) memory  
  Pleasant, as usual.

( NOTE : a few weeks ago, driving past on the motorway, we saw a couple of determined-looking people in walking dress walking on the grass, presumably completing the circuit round Tuff Crater. We infer that it can still be done, and admire their fortitude. It is true that they didn't look very cheerful. )

    Tuff Crater Reserve Round, clockwise ( from above ), to Bailey Reserve. 2009 December 31 (?) memory  
  Pleasant, as usual.
    Onepoto Domain Over the road, down to Onepoto Domain, back to the vehicle. 2009 December 31 (?) memory  
  Actually, according to the Auckland Wise's map booklet, you get into Weeks Reserve. Wandering more or less down the west edge takes you through a little patch of pleasant woody parkland before you strike out toward the car park.

Alan Creak,
2010 January.