Walks from Devonport

Our 2010 explorations

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Auckland North Shore Kauri Glen various 2010 Januuary 1 Harbourside Bush Walk Trail; Kauri Glen and Cecil Eady Bush leaflet; "Kauri Glen and Cecil Eady Bush" N42:250659
  In from Kauri Glen Road.

We started from Kauri Glen Road, took the right turn, and crossed the first bridge. Then we got misplaced - not quite lost, but not quite found either. At some point we left the "real" path for what was probably an older route - we were always on some sort of path, but the quality was very variable.

We crossed the stream and turned right. Somewhere about here there was a very informal bit of path which we interpreted as an old path, not yet reclaimed by nature. We continued to a non-existent ( according to the map ) junction, where we turned left and eventually found ourselves on the northern path which leads to Holdaway Avenue.

We turned back and followed the path along the stream to the south-east. We met another couple who had entered from James Evan Drive and who asked us how to get to Kauri Glen Road. We did our best.

Then we found another junction not marked on the map. The unknown path led in what we assessed as a south-westish direction, and appeared to be well used; as that was essentially the way we wanted to go, we tried it. It seemed to continue for a long time, and we eventually found ourselves going somewhat north of west, which was a surprise. We came to a junction with a view of three bridges, which seemed to be much too close together to be the bridges on the map, but in fact that's what they turned out to be.

At this point, we met some kind people who knew where they were, and led us back to very close to where we started along tracks which were not obviously those we'd come along, and weren't on the map.

However, we can now report that, in contrast to the situation on our previous visits, all the bridges appear to be in good order.

Waitakere Henderson Ferndown track Top to bottom, and back 2010 January 6 Waitakere map ( 2008 ) #127; Walking the Waitakere ranges HWR:502747
  We started at the south-west end. That's the high end, but it's not really a very hilly track. ( The other end is just a road; the high end is peaceful and grassy. )

It's a pleasant walk. You have to cross a stream, and it could get a bit muddy in wet weather. You go up a bit, then down a bit further to Grassmere Road. There's a grassy clearing somewhere near the top which we guess might once have been a house or something, but is now empty.

Auckland Long Bay Regional Park Coastal Walk Vaughan Flats to Okura River. 2010 March 16 Long Bay Regional Park leaflet. N38:264809
  Along the path, far enough to get a good view of Weiti River.
      Okura River to Vaughan Flats.          
  Back again, but taking a short cut through fields across Piripiri Point.
North Wenderholm Perimeter track Car parked NE of lavatories on entrance road anticlockwise to Couldrey House Track 2010 March 20 ARC Northern Parks N38:224987 (?)
  Fairly noisy by the road; soon gets quieter round the corner. Undulating as far as Kokopu Bay; gets steeper past there.
    Couldrey House Track Perimeter track to Perimeter track.          
  Fairly steep most of the way. Views from the top ( go a little way along the Puhoi track for one of them ).
Auckland North Shore Eskdale Reserve Glenfield Road to Kaipatiki Creek 2008 March 30 Eskdale Park leaflet; Exploration. N42:225676??
  We parked in a layby off Glenfield Road, almost opposite ??? Road. We walked roughly south, and followed the first opening that looked like a path. This got us onto what was probably the wiggly track labelled 1 on the Eskdale Park leaflet.

We followed "the" track to Kaipatiki Creek. The quotation marks emphasise that we followed the track on the ground, which was not the same as that in the leaflet. In particular, the track kept to the north side of the stream throughout.

      Kaipatiki Creek to Kaipatiki Bridge, and back       Exploration; Harbourside Walk to Explore.  
  The path continues to the ( comparatively ) new Kaipatiki Bridge, significantly further along Kaipatiki Creek.
      Kaipatiki Creek to Glenfield Road       Eskdale Park leaflet; Exploration.  
  More or less back the way we came, but we managed to get on something like the middle path back up to Glenfield Road.

Alan Creak,
2010 April.