Jim & Kathy Creak. are pleased to announce the birth of their first child


Arrived :


00:55 AM Wednesday 16th July 2003

Weight :

4040 gms

8lbs 13.4 oz.

Name :

Lucy Isabella Creak


Any other information that you want, you will have to contact us via e-mail, since it is the Father that is putting this web site together, and he doesn't know what details people want.

It appears that a lot of people are asking for photos of Lucy, so follow this link to try and be satisfied.

There has also been interest given in the original "Naming" page, so here is the link to that page, still with the names that other people thought of.

Just for interest sake, there is a Lucy Locket Rhyme too.

Goto family page.

If you want to be kept informed with the different names

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Jim Creak
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