Family Service Item
St. Augustine's

September 6, 2009

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instructions for congregation
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prayers and readings
sections of the service

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There are some notes on our production of the service.

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Jairus's Daughter

Narrator comes to the lectern.
NarratorThis play is adapted from Luke Chapter 8 verses 40-56  : Jairus's Daughter.

When Jesus returned to the other side of the lake, people welcomed Him because they had all been waiting for Him.

Jesus and His followers and the woman lagging behind a bit come to front down organ aisle and stand between altar rails with Jesus nearest the congregation.
ALLYay ! here comes Jesus ! Welcome Jesus ! We want Jesus !
NarratorThen a man named Jairus arrived. He was an official in the local synagogue.
Jairus huries to front down centre aisle, looking worried.
NarratorHe threw himself down at Jesus's feet.
Jairus throws himself down at Jesus's feet.
Jairus ( pointing to bed behind lectern )Jesus, Son of God, please come to my house ! My only daughter is very sick and is dying.

She is only twelve years old.

Jairus and Jesus, followed by His followers and the woman, turn towards organ and walk congregation side of altar rail to organ side then up to middle step and along beside the altar. When Jesus reaches the centre, pause.
NarratorAs Jesus went along, the people were crowding Him from every side. Among them was a woman who had suffered from severe bleeding for twelve years; she had spent all she had on doctors, but no one had been able to cure her.
Woman pushes through the followers and reaches out and touches Jesus's cloak.
NarratorShe came up in the crowd behind Jesus and touched the edge of His cloak and her bleeding stopped at once. Jesus asked :
Jesus ( turning round )Who touched Me ?
NarratorEveryone denied it -
ALLNot me, not me, not me !
Narrator- and Peter said :
PeterMaster, the people are all round You and crowding in on You !
JesusSomeone touched Me, for I knew it when power went out of Me.
NarratorThe woman came trembling forward and threw herself at Jesus's feet.
Woman comes slowly forward and throws herself at Jesus's feet.
WomanIt was I who touched You. I wanted desperately to be healed and You have answered my prayer. You have healed me. Thank You, Jesus !
JesusMy daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace !
Woman stands up looking very happy and steps back a little.
NarratorWhile Jesus was saying this a messenger came from the official's house. He told Jairus :
Messenger runs across from lectern to Jairus.
Messenger ( to Jairus )Your daughter has died; don't bother the Teacher any longer.
NarratorBut Jesus heard it and said to Jairus :
Jesus ( To Jairus )Don't be afraid; only believe and she will be well.
NarratorJesus continued on to Jairus's house, ( Jesus, Jairus, woman and followers continue towards stretcher bed, stop at corner of altar ) and once there He would not let anyone go in with Him except Peter, John, James, and the child's father and mother.
( Jesus, Peter, James. John, Jairus and mother go up to bed. )
NarratorEveryone was crying and mourning for the child.
ALLBoo hoo ! boo hoo ! boo hoo !
NarratorJesus said to the crowd :
JesusDon't cry; the child is not dead - she is only sleeping !
NarratorThey all laughed at Him because they knew that she was dead.
ALL ( pointing at Jesus )Ha ha ha ha.............
NarratorBut Jesus took her by the hand and called out :
JesusGet up, My child !
NarratorHer life returned, and she got up at once -
( Child stands up )
ALL ( pointing at child )OOH ! LOOK ! LOOK ! LOOK !
Narrator- and Jesus ordered them to give her something to eat.
JesusGive her something to eat !
NarratorHer parents were astounded, ( parents look astonished ) but Jesus said to them :
JesusDo not tell anyone what has happened here today.
Pause ( count to five )
Jesus, Peter, James and John go to back down centre aisle;
( count to three )
Jairus, child, mother and messenger go to back down centre aisle;
( count to three )
woman goes to back down centre aisle;
( count to three )
followers go to back down centre aisle.

Then all return to their places.

Those taking part  :

Peter, James, John, other followers;
Woman ( cured from bleeding );
Jairus, his daughter and wife;