St. Augustine's church

Stanley Bay, Devonport, New Zealand.

This is a collection of various items of potential interest concerned with St. Augustine's church.

photograph of church

What we are.

St Augustine's is the second church in the Anglican Parish of the Holy Trinity, Devonport. Devonport is ( according to those who live here ) a rather special part of the Auckland urban area, which is the largest conurbation in ( though not the capital of ) New Zealand. Auckland City is on the south side of the Waitemata harbour, and Devonport faces it on the north side.

Holy Trinity church is the main Anglican centre in our parish, but St. Augustine's has its own programme, serving mainly residents of the Stanley Point area of Devonport. Devonport stands at the end of a peninsula, which is approximately boot-shaped ( like Italy - but, of course, much smaller ); Stanley Point is the toe of the boot. ( Holy Trinity church is somewhere in the heel. )

Our church is named after St.Augustine of Canterbury, not the more famous St. Augustine of Hippo. Our St. Augustine was the first Archbishop of Canterbury, and therefore in some sense a forerunner of the Anglican church - though he would certainly have been totally opposed to the split between Canterbury and Rome. St. Augustine is remembered on the anniversary of his death, 26th May ( - or 28th May in the Roman Catholic Church ). We don't usually make a big fuss about it; we have a slightly special service on an appropriate Sunday, and we have remembered his story in two of our family services ( May 2004 and May 2009 ).

We have some more pages which deal with specific topics to do with St Augustine's :

We are mentioned on the Holy Trinity web site :

Where we are.

Our address is :
  95, Calliope Road,
New Zealand.
A rather elderly map, on which the church is mysteriously labelled "Naval Hosp." :
  map of Stanley Point

As the church was here well before the hospital ( which is in fact further to the east - indeed, we commonly refer to the East side of the church as the "hospital side" ), one must wonder about the origins of the map, but the rest seems pretty reliable. Oh - except that the jetty marked toward the north end of Stanley Point should in fact be further to the east, and the access is from the west corner of the junction between Stanley Point Road and Second Avenue. And, now I look at it more carefully, a few other things, but they won't stop you finding the church so let's not bother.

Devonport centre is just to the east of the map; north is upwards.

- and how to get away in a hurry ....

One day, I thought I'd have a look to see just how famous St. Augustine's was. Internet searches for "St Augustine" or for "Devonport" both get a very large number of responses, but perhaps the combination of the two would be better.

It was, a bit. But here's something I didn't know before :

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And there's me thinking there were just two bus services each day.

Alan Creak,
2009 November.