Family Service
St. Augustine's

18 July 2004

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instructions for congregation
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There are some notes on our production of the service.

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NarratorWe welcome you here in the name of Jesus. May He speak to each one of us in the stillness of our hearts.

There will be no collection taken during this service. There is a donation box at the back of the church for anyone who would like to give a donation.

Some "house keeping" information  -

  • If anyone would like the music for our hymns today, please put up your hand, and we will bring it to you;
  • Toilets are between the church and the hall;
  • If anyone is new here and would like to go on the Church list, which entitles you to receive the Messenger three or four times a year, and other benefits, then please fill in the card at the end of the seats and hand it to one of the helpers after the service.

Thank you.

Would the children please come to the front to help Jean with the actions for this song ?

This is an echo song. Each line is repeated as an echo; please join in the echo. We shall sing it through twice.

( When the children have come to the front -. )
 Please stand for the action song

"Hello, everyone !"

( Narrator starts tape. )
NarratorHello, everyone.
PeopleHello, everyone.
NarratorGive your neighbour a big smile !
PeopleGive your neighbour a big smile !
NarratorStretch up tall and wriggle your thumb.
PeopleStretch up tall and wriggle your thumb.
NarratorNow let's whisper for a while.
PeopleNow let's whisper for a while.
NarratorStamp your feet and clap, clap, clap !
PeopleStamp your feet and clap, clap, clap !
NarratorGive your knees a slap, slap, slap !
PeopleGive your knees a slap, slap, slap !
NarratorOh, no, we forgot !
PeopleOh, no, we forgot !
AllThe most important person to say "Hello" to is
..... GOD !
All sit; Children return to seats.
NarratorThe theme for this service is these words that Jesus spoke  :

And now I give you a new commandment  : love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are My disciples.

These words can be found in John Chapter 13, verses 34 and 35 ( Page 1191 in the church Bibles. )

NarratorPlease stand to sing the hymn

A new commandment I give unto you.

A new commandment I give unto you:
That you love one another
As I have loved you,

That you love one another
As I have loved you.

By this shall all men know
You are My disciples -
If you have love one for another;

By this shall all men know
You are My disciples -
If you have love one for another.

( During this hymn Teacher comes down the hospital side, Jesus comes down the organ side, both wait at the side until the prayers are finished. Thieves hide themselves behind altar, big chair, side chairs etc. If enough actors Priest sp, Levite sp, Man sp sit on chairs on hospital side. )
NarratorPlease sit or kneel for the prayers.

Thank You, God, for the love You have for each one of us.

AllThank You, Lord.
NarratorHelp us to respond to Your love for us by learning to love You more and more.
AllHelp us, Lord.
NarratorForgive us for the times we have failed to love You as we should.
AllForgive us, Lord.
NarratorFill us with Your love so that we may reach out in love to all our neighbours wherever they may be.
AllFill us, Lord.
NarratorForgive us for all our unloving thoughts and actions.
AllForgive us, Lord.
NarratorPlease sit for

The story of the Good Samaritan.

( This story is based on the parable that Jesus told in
Luke Chapter 10 verses 25 - 37,
on page 1142 of the church Bibles. )
NarratorOne day a teacher came up to Jesus and asked :
( Teacher and Jesus meet in centre. )
TeacherWhat must I do to receive eternal life ?
JesusTell Me, what does the Bible say about that ?
TeacherThe Bible says, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and love your neighbour as yourself."
JesusThat's right - do this and you will have eternal life.
NarratorBut the teacher, wanting to justify himself, asked -
TeacherWho is my neighbour ?
NarratorJesus replied with this story :
( Jesus and Teacher sit down on chairs in front of altar. )
JesusOne day a man needed to go from Jerusalem to Jericho. It was a very dangerous road and usually travellers waited at the gates of either Jerusalem or Jericho for other travellers to come along so they could travel together.

But this man was in a hurry and decided to set off by himself.

( Man hurries down organ side. )
 He was very nervous and kept peering all round - watching for wild beasts or robbers.

He hurried as much as he could, but it was a long way - about 24 kilometres - much too far to run all the way.

( Man reaches the altar rail, begins to move across inside the altar area, more slowly, looking around apprehensively. )
 As he got further away from Jerusalem the road got much narrower and there were many large rocks where beasts or robbers could hide and the man got more and more scared.
( Thief jumps out in front of the man. )
  Suddenly, there was a man in front of him with a big stick.

He jumped back in alarm -

( Other thieves surround him. )
 but there was a man behind him too !

There was a whole band of robbers attacking him !

They knocked him to the ground.

( Thieves knock the man to the ground, on the top step between the altar and hospital side. )
 They tore off his clothes - stole his money -
( Thieves tear off his clothes, grab his money. )
 then beat him until he was almost unconscious.
( Thieves "beat" him, "kick" him etc. )
 Then they ran away laughing, leaving him to die at the side of the road.
( Thieves run away laughing, going down all three aisles. )
 The man lay there at the side of the road, sore all over from the beating,

too weak to move,

sure he was going to die, and hoping that someone would come to help him.

( Pause. )
 What was that he could hear ?

Man spThere are footsteps coming closer !
sound effects : footstep sounds; priest hurries down hospital side. )
 Help is coming !

JesusThe man just managed to open one eye.

He could see a priest hurrying along the road on his way to Jerusalem.

Man spHelp is coming.

JesusBut no.

The priest saw the man lying there and paused for a moment thinking :

( Priest pauses on bottom step looking across at man, footsteps stop. )

Priest spShould I help ?

No, I can't - for if he's dead I'd become unclean, and then I'd have to go through the purifying process again which is laid down by our law. And then I'd be too late for my temple duties.

No - I can't spare the time to help him.

JesusAnd off he went on the other side of the road.
( Footsteps begin again; priest hurries off down organ side. )
 The man heard the footsteps dwindling into the distance.
( Footsteps fade away. )
 He lost hope and lay there wondering if anyone else would come.
( Pause. )

( Footsteps start again, first quietly then with increasing volume. )

Man spI can hear more footsteps - surely this person will help ?
( Levite comes down the hospital side. )
 They're coming closer.

I can just see a man, it's a Levite.

Surely he will help - after all, the Levites all help at the temple; their job is to be helpers -

and I sure need a helper now.

The footsteps are coming really close.

( The Levite goes right up and behind the man and looks at him; footsteps stop. )
 He's bending over looking at me.


I wish I could make more noise.

JesusThe Levite looked at the man. He saw all the bruises, he saw the blood, he looked round, he was afraid.

Levite spMaybe the robbers will come back to get me. I'm not staying here.

Jesus- and he hurried away.
( Levite hurries away down organ side; appropriate footsteps. )
 The man who was lying there gave up hope.

Man spOh, no - he's going away too.

I've had it.

As neither a priest nor a Levite would help, I guess every one else will go past too.

( Footsteps die away in the distance. )
 I'm sure to die.
( Pause.

Footsteps and donkey steps start, the Samaritan comes down the organ side. )

JesusBut wait - someone else was coming - and it sounded as if he had an animal with him. For a moment, the man's hopes were raised again -

Man spMaybe he'll help -

But I expect he'll go past on the other side too.

Oh, I can just see him. It's a Samaritan. Well, he won't want to help me.

Samaritans and Jews have been enemies for a few hundred years now.

He won't want to help.

Our two races don't even speak to each other.

( Donkey steps stop. The Samaritan tethers the donkey by the wall, goes to the man and looks at him. )
 He's come up to me.

He's looking.


( The Samaritan moves back to the donkey. )
 Oh, no - he's gone too.

( More excited. ) No, he hasn't - he's just gone to his donkey !

He's brought some oil to wash my wounds !

( Samaritan brings bandages and oil to wash wounds. )
 He's talking to me !

He's got some cloth to bind up my wounds -

He's really helping me -

A Samaritan helping a Jew ? That's amazing !

What's that he's saying ?

Can I get onto his donkey ?

Well, I'll try.

( The Samaritan helps the man to get on the donkey. )
 Yes, I've done it with a lot of help from him.
( The Samaritan ties the man to the donkey. )
 Now he's tying me on; this is wonderful - but it hurts too.

And we're off !

( Footsteps begin again; man and Samaritan move to front. )
 Oh thank you, thank you stranger - you are truly good !

We're at the inn.

What's that he's saying ?

( The Samaritan knocks at the inn door. )
 Can I have a room for the night ?

I can't believe it ! I'll have something to sleep on, and I'll be indoors !

( The Samaritan settles the man on the bed. )
 I wonder what will happen in the morning ?
JesusThe next morning the Samaritan told the man,

Look, I have to go now,

But I've paid the inn-keeper to look after you until you can travel,

And on my way back I'll pay anything else that's owing.

And off the Samaritan went.

( Samaritan goes off down hospital side. )
NarratorJesus turned to the teacher and said :
( Jesus and teacher stand up. )
JesusIn your opinion which of these three people acted like a neighbour to the one who was attacked by robbers ?
TeacherThe one who was kind to him.
JesusGo, then, and do the same.
( Teacher goes to back down centre aisle. )
NarratorPlease stand for the action song

Put on love ev'ry day

Chorus  :

  Put on Love ev'ry day,
  Never hide your love away.
  Don't save love for a special day,
  But put on love ev'ry day-ay-ay,
  Put on love ev'ry day.

1.   Put on love with your sneakers,
  Put on love with your old blue jeans;
  Put on love with your knickers,
  Put on love ev'ry day-ay-ay,
  Put on love ev'ry day.


2.   Put on love with your jumper,
  Put on love when you comb your hair;
  Put on love when you brush your teeth.
  Put on love ev'ry day-ay-ay,
  Put on love ev'ry day.


3.   Put on love in the morning,
  Put on love in your class at school;
  Put on love when you play at home,
  Put on love ev'ry day-ay-ay,
  Put on love ev'ry day.


NarratorPlease sit for the play.

Whenever the STOP sign is raised please shout "STOP !". Let's practise it now.

Signer moves to centre just in front of the altar;

Signer raises sign.

Signer puts sign down
NarratorThat's not too bad, but let's try it again.
Signer raises sign.
Signer puts sign down
NarratorThat's good !

Let's try that again !

Actor 1 and Actor 2 hurrying over from hospital side, Actor 3 walking from Organ side with a large school project.
Actor 1 ( to Actor 2. )Look at that little Year Two kid; what a silly little project.
Actor 2Yeah, I bet he took hours over it - and doesn't it look pathetic !
Actor 3 drops some of the project.
Actor 1 and Actor 2Silly little twit !
Actor 1 and Actor 2 start down centre aisle laughing.

Signer puts sign up.

Actor 1, Actor 2, Actor 3 pick up project and return backwards to initial positions; Signer puts sign down.
NarratorLet's try that again !
Actor 1 ( to Actor 2. )Look at that little Year Two kid : do you remember how we used to struggle with our projects and how proud we were of all the work we had put in ?
Actor 2Yeah, and the teacher always said how good it was no matter how it looked because she was pleased with the effort we put in.
Actor 3 begins to drop the project.
Actor 1 Look - he's having trouble ! Let's go and help !
Actor 1 and Actor 2 rush over to help.
Actor 3Hey, thanks so much. I never expected Year Eight people to be so helpful.
Actor 1, Actor 2 and Actor 3 go down central aisle talking to each other.
NarratorLove is kind.
Actor 4 moves to centre from hospital side.
Actor 5 moves to centre from organ side, carrying tennis racquet.
Actor 4Hi ! How are you ? I haven't seen you for ages.
Actor 5I'm fine. How are you ? Didn't I hear that you'd been sick ?
Actor 4Pretty good now. I see you've been playing tennis. How's that going ?
Actor 5It's going really well. I got into the doubles team and we won all our matches. Then we went on to win the North Shore Championships and the Auckland Championships. And now we've been chosen to go to the National Championships. I also won the school singles championships and....
Signer puts sign up
Signer puts sign down; Actor 4 and Actor 5 walk back to the side again.
NarratorLet's try that again !
Actor 4Hi ! How are you ? I haven't seen you for ages.
Actor 5I'm fine. How are you ? Didn't I hear that you'd been sick ?
Actor 4Pretty good now. I see you've been playing tennis. How's that going ?
Actor 5Oh, I've really enjoyed my tennis this year.

But what about your problems, are they getting any better ?

Actor 4Yes, things are going pretty well now. It was a real struggle at the beginning of the summer, and I really missed my tennis. But I hope to be able to play again next summer.
Actor 5I hope you'll be able to play, too. I've missed our tennis games so much.
Actor 4 and Actor 5 go down centre aisle chatting happily.
NarratorLove is not proud or conceited.
Actor 6 comes to centre from hospital side; Mrs Brown comes to centre from organ side.
Actor 6I'm so glad you could come in for a cup of coffee this morning. How's all the family ?
Mrs BrownIt's lovely to be here again. Now I'm working I find it so hard to keep up with all my friends.
Actor 6Yes, I find that really hard too. But tell me all that has been happening.
Mrs BrownWell, we've had our ups and downs, Dad had to........
Sally ( Running in from hospital side. ) Mum, can I go to Jane's house ?
Actor 6Wait a minute - Mrs Brown was talking; you know you shouldn't interrupt - and say "Hello" to Mrs Brown.
SallyHello Mrs..........
Actor 8 ( Running in from hospital side. ) Mum, I need some money !
Actor 6Wait a minute, Sally was talking, and here's Mrs Brown; say "Hello" to Mrs Brown and wait whilst I answer Sally. Really, you children....
Signer puts sign up
Signer puts sign down as Actor 6, Mrs Brown, Sally, and Actor 8 walk back to the side again.
NarratorLet's try that again
Actor 6 comes to centre from hospital side; Mrs Brown comes to centre from organ side.
Actor 6I'm so glad you could come in for a cup of coffee this morning. How's all the family ?
Mrs BrownIt's lovely to be here again. Now I'm working I find it so hard to keep up with all my friends.
Actor 6Yes, I find that really hard too. But tell me all that has been happening.
Mrs BrownWell, we've had our ups and downs, Dad had to go into hospital, but ...
Sally ( Running in from hospital side. )Mum.... Oh. Hello, Mrs Brown. How are you ?
Mrs BrownI'm OK, Sally, I was just telling your Mum about the time my Dad was in hospital.
SallyI'm sorry to hear he's been sick. Is he OK now ?
Actor 8 ( Running in from hospital side. )Oh, hello, Mrs Brown, how nice to see you. Excuse me a moment whilst I ask my Mum for some money. Mum, please can I have some money for my bus fare ? I need to leave soon or I'll miss the bus.
Actor 6Yes, here's your money - have a great time.
( Actor 8 runs down centre aisle to catch bus. )
SallyIs your Dad really better ?
Mrs BrownYes, he's much better now
SallyI'm so glad. Mum, can I go to Jane's ?
Actor 6Yes - but remember to be home for lunch.
( Sally goes off down organ side to Jane's house. )
  Now we can have a lovely chat.
( Actor 6 and Mrs Brown go down centre aisle chatting. )
NarratorLove is not rude.
Actor 9 comes to centre from organ side looking tired and stressed; Actor 10 comes hurrying in from hospital side.
Actor 10 ( Sniffing. )What's this dreadful smell ? Surely you haven't burnt the dinner again ?
Actor 9No, it's not...
Actor 10Really, the amount of food that's spoilt in this house by your cooking is dreadful. And what's all that racket in the bathroom ?
Actor 9It's only the children having.....
Actor 10Can't you even keep the children quiet ? If it's not burnt food, it's noise, or tears, or tantrums. I NEVER come home to a quiet, loving family. Last month it was Thomas screaming because he was teething. The time before that it was Rebecca having tantrums because of problems at school, and before that it ....
Signer puts sign up
Signer puts sign down; Actor 9 and Actor 10 walk back to the side again.
NarratorLet's try that again !
Actor 9 comes to centre from organ side looking busy; Actor 10 comes hurrying in from hospital side.
Actor 10 Hi, everyone, I'm home ! ( Sniffing. ) But what's this dreadful smell ? Is the dinner spoilt ? Don't worry, we could get some pizzas in.
Actor 9No, it's not the dinner that's spoilt - just some of the casserole that's bubbled over onto the bottom of the oven and burnt.
Actor 10Oh, that's all right then - I do love your casseroles. And listen to all that racket in the bathroom !
Actor 9The children are so enjoying their baths.
Actor 10It's so good to hear them having fun after that terrible time we had whilst Thomas was teething. I've brought some books home that might help Rebecca with her school work. We'll look at them after dinner.
Actor 9That sounds great. Did you have a good day at work ? How did your meeting go ?
( Actors 9 & 10 go down centre aisle talking together. )
NarratorLove does not keep a record of wrongs.
NarratorPlease stand for the hymn "Brother, sister let me serve you...."
Omitted for copyright reasons; further details.
NarratorPlease sit for


Helpers hand out colouring-in pictures and crayons to children.
Q and A come down opposite side aisles and meet in centre.
QWhy don't the Jews like the Samaritans ?
AOh, they do. They're quite pally.
QReally ? What's the point of the Bible story, then ?
AThat was then; this is now.
QOh. You mean the Jews like the Samaritans now ?
AThat's right. When the Samaritan high priest died in February, the Israeli government was represented at the funeral, and sent appropriate messages and so on to the new High Priest.
QThis February ? You mean they're still around ?
AOh, yes. There aren't very many of them, but they're still there.
QAll right. Let's start again. Why didn't the Jews like the Samaritans ?
ABecause they thought they'd changed the true religion in unacceptable ways.
QWhy didn't the Samaritans like the Jews ?
ABecause they thought they'd changed the true religion in unacceptable ways.
QWait a minute - you just said that.
AYes. Both questions have the same answer.
QBut surely they can't both be right ?
AOh, yes, they can, because what was acceptable to Jews wasn't always acceptable to Samaritans, and vice versa.
QOh. What's this "true religion", then ?
AIt's more or less what you find in the first five books of the Bible.
QBut if they both started from there, how did they get to be different ?
AIt's a long story, to do with what happened to the Jews after the time of David and Solomon. Even they were a long way from perfect, but aren't we all ? They did keep the kingdom together. After that time, the Jewish leaders started fighting among themselves and managed to split the kingdom into two. Then the two parts went downhill more or less fast in different ways. The whole country was eventually overrun by various invaders, until around 600BC the Babylonians carted off a lot of the Jews from the southern kingdom to Babylon, where they stayed for around 70 years. Meanwhile the invaders settled other people in the Jews' country, and they brought other sorts of religion which got mixed with the beliefs of the Jews left behind. Then the Babylon lot came back to Palestine and resettled, and they're the people we now know as the Jews. They decided that the people who'd been left behind weren't Jews any more, and wouldn't let them help to rebuild the temple even though they offered. So they went off and carried on their own way, and eventually became the Samaritans.
QBut what was the problem ?
AWell, the Samaritans had their mixed religion, but much of the additional stuff fell away, and they finished up with a faith based mainly on just the first five books of the Bible - but meanwhile the Jews believed they'd learnt more about God and had some new revelations and new writings, which the Samaritans wouldn't accept.
QThat doesn't sound much like an excuse for fighting for hundreds of years.
APeople never need much of an excuse for fighting.
QSounds a bit silly, though, doesn't it ? You'd think they could have got together again somehow.
AYou're an optimist. Once people know they're right, then obviously they know the other people are wrong - so what's the point of getting together ?
QWell, because it's better. Isn't that the sort of thing Jesus was getting at when He talked about the Good Samaritan being a better neighbour than the others ? - and Jesus was happy enough to talk to Samaritans.
ABut it was because of Jesus that there was another big split - when the Christians separated from the Jews. And when you think about it that was very similar - once again, both sides started from exactly the same place, but they disagreed about what it meant.
QI suppose that's true. And the Christians haven't treated the Jews much better than the Jews treated the Samaritans. Still, with Jesus's Good Samaritan parable I bet the Christians were kinder to the Samaritans !
ADon't bet. You'd lose. A century or so after Jesus most of Palestine was Christian, and they happily went around killing both Jews and Samaritans unless they said they'd converted to Christianity.
QChristians did that ? But that's dreadful.
AYes. In the name of Jesus, the Son of God, Who told us to love our enemies, Christians have been fighting everyone within sight, including each other - we don't burn each other at the stake any more, but there are still Catholics fighting Protestants, traditional churches fighting Pentecostalists, and so on.
QBut why ? - why ? Is there an answer ?
A ( deliberately, with some emphasis. )Yes. It's the same answer. They all know that they're right, so the others must be wrong, so they have to be stopped.
QSo the problem is that people are overconfident ?
AI suppose you could say that. But ...
Q ( pushing in. )Well, obviously they're wrong. They must be stopped.
ASee what I mean ?
QWhat ? ( pause. ) Oh....
AWe all do it. If you believe something is important, you want to defend it, and it's natural to pick the first means that comes to mind, which is usually a bad idea.
QWhat can we do, then ?
AAh. Now that's a good question, but the answer is not to pick the first means that comes to mind. It would help if we could get used to the idea that - as St Paul wrote - what we see is only a part of God's true reality. If we keep that in mind, perhaps we won't be so hasty in our judgments. Then we might try following Jesus's instructions - treat others as we'd like them to treat us. Fighting them isn't obviously a good example.
QSounds plausible. Do you think it will catch on ?
AThat doesn't matter a lot. The important thing is that it's doing what God wants. And Jesus said a great deal more about us doing the right things rather than forcing other people to do what we think they should.
QLike the Good Samaritan, you mean ?
AExactly like the Good Samaritan. And like all the other good people who keep on helping when they can.
QBut then I'd be a do-gooder !
ASo you would. Thank God for the opportunities to be one. And pray for the salvation of a society where it's an insult to be called a do-gooder.
ReaderPlease remain sitting for the poem

I See Jesus.

 by Summer Waters, age 11.
( Mimer in centre ready to mime the actions in this poem. )
I saw Jesus last week.
He was wearing blue jeans and an old shirt -
He was up at the church building;
He was alone and working hard.
For just a minute He looked like one of our members -
But it was Jesus;
I could tell by His smile.

I saw Jesus last Sunday;
He was teaching a Bible class.
He didn't talk real loud or use long words.
For just a minute He looked like my Bible teacher -
But it was Jesus;
I could tell by his loving voice.

I saw Jesus yesterday;
He was at the hospital visiting a friend who was sick.
They prayed together quietly.
For just a minute He looked like Brother James -
But it was Jesus;
I could tell by the tears in His eyes.

I saw Jesus this morning.
He was in my kitchen making breakfast,
And fixing me a special lunch.
For just a minute He looked like my mum -
But it was Jesus;
I could feel the love from His heart.

I see Jesus everywhere -
Taking food to the sick,
Being friendly to a newcomer; and for just a minute
I think He is someone I know -
But it's always Jesus;
I can tell by the way He serves.

Reader 2This reading is taken from  : 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 verses 4 - 8 and can be found on page 1279 of the church Bibles.

Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, patience never fail.

Love is eternal.

NarratorWe invite you to read this passage of scripture quietly to yourselves inserting your own name for the word "love".
The passage remains displayed on the screen for a short period.
NarratorPlease remain seated for the Message
SpeakerThe Message.
NarratorPlease sit or kneel for our prayers which we will end with the singing of The Lord's Prayer

Thank You, Lord God, for the love that You pour out upon us.
Thank You for Jesus, Your Son, who lovingly gave His life for each one of us.
Thank You that you invite each one of us to love You and to love one another, help us to do this each day.

NarratorWe pray for all people, whoever they may be, who are at war with one another. Help them to stop their fighting and instead to reach out to one another in peace and love. Teach each one of us to live peacefully with those around us.
NarratorThank You for our homes and families, our school and our work. May we be Your special peace makers in all we do.
AllOur Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come; Your will be done, on earth, as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread; Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial, and deliver us from evil,
For the Kingdom, the power and the glory are Yours, now and for ever. Amen.
NarratorPlease stand for our final hymn

"Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost".

1.   Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost,
  Taught by You, we covet most
  Of Your gifts at Pentecost,
  Holy, heavenly love.

2.   Love is kind, and suffers long;
  Love is meek, and thinks no wrong;
  Love than death itself more strong;
  Therefore give us love.

3.   Prophecy will fade away,
  Melting in the light of day;
  Love will ever with us stay;
  Therefore give us love.

4.   Faith will vanish into sight;
  Hope be emptied in delight;
  Love in heaven will shine more bright;
  Therefore give us love.

5.   Faith and hope and love we see
  Joining hand in hand agree;
  But the greatest of the three,
  And the best, is love.

6.   From the overshadowing
  Of Your gold and silver wing
  Shed on us who to You sing,
  Holy, heavenly love.

NarratorPlease remain standing for the Blessing.


We invite you to join us for a cuppa in the Hall ( behind the church. ) at the end of this service.

Those taking part :

A, Actor 1, Actor 2, Actor 3, Actor 4, Actor 5, Actor 6, Actor 8, Actor 9, Actor 10, Jesus, Levite, Levite sp, Man, Man sp, Mimer, Mrs Brown, Narrator, Priest, Priest sp, Q, Reader, Reader 2, Sally, Teacher, Thieves ( several. ).