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Family Service Item
St. Augustine's

2009 May 24

These are notes and comments on some of the items which appear in the Family Service Item script. Links from the script point to these entries; clicking the links in the left hand column of the table takes you back to the corresponding link in the script - or, where more than one link from the script points to the note, back to the first such link.

The comments are typically related to features of the service which are specific to our church or the time of the service, or which for some other reason we think might require alteration for another setting.

For references to the internal geography of the church, it might be helpful to inspect the plan.

Decorations : Labels :
  • "France" on wall between lectern and altar;
  • "Rome" on wall above organ;
  • "England" on blue curtain behind the altar.
Furniture : The Pope's throne : a reasonably impressive chair just in front of the altar by the organ end.
Properties : Two scrolls out of sight, within easy reach of the throne. ( Ours were on the seat of the throne, concealed behind a cushion.  )

We also provided an activity for children. This was a continuation of the St. Augustine theme in the form of a kit with which they could construct a version of St Augustine's coat of arms.

People : Pope Gregory sitting enthroned in front of the screen. ( Our throne was put in its position before the start of the service, but our pope took his seat immediately before the item was presented. )

FLOWERS The flowers are by the west wall of the church just on the congregation side of the first ( northmost ) step.
SCROLL A loosely rolled sheet of parchment-coloured paper, tied with a red ribbon. ( - or whatever you think a scroll looks like ).
THRONE The Pope's throne should be a reasonably impressive chair, clearly visible.

We were able to leave it in place throughout the service; in other circumstances, you might wish to include instructions for moving it into, or away from, its position during the item.