being the public face of the Creak family of Devonport - to wit, in order of decreasing juniority :


This used to say :   PLEASE OBSERVE that I have listed only the deeply unfashionable nuclear family, precisely defined as those who arrived in New Zealand in an aeroplane ( flight number TE556 ) on 1973 May 12. I have not included any accretions or additions since then because once you start doing that who knows when it will stop ?

Details of such extensions will be found, if anywhere, by inspecting the pages belonging to the connection points.

So I meant well. I always do. I wanted to keep things simple.

NOTWITHSTANDING WHICH the natural increase in entropy as time passes constrains me, unwillingly, to offer
further guidance to the increasingly complex universe. It seems that even Creaks must bow to the second law of thermodynamics.

I look after this page, and my own pages, and such others as I want to or am constrained to by irresistible force. I have also provided apologies for pages for all the other people. Apart from that, don't blame me for anything on this web site. The idea is that the others will be so disgusted with my productions that they will hasten to replace them with something more to their liking.

But that's their business.

Alan Creak,
2004 July.