Now that we have our forth child on the way, we think it must be time to start the naming game again. If you want to know where this idea comes from you need to view the original Naming page here, Baby M Naming page here or the Baby N Naming page here

Since we now have Jim, Kathy, Lucy, Mindy and Neomi we need to find an O name, of course we also need to have both boys and girls names since the gender of our child has not be defined yet..

We also like the idea of having a middle name, and again you can view the original Naming page for our final reasoning behind the choice of our lettering.

So, if you are wanting a challenge, you could give us some names that you think would be nice for our child. For a boy you will need to think of a name with the Initials O. B. while for a girl you will need to think of names beginning with O. L. Once you have your names in mind, send us an e-mail at Jim&

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Here are some of the suggested names that we have received.
Suggested by Boy Girl
Andy Olaf  
Anna Oakley Benjamin
Oliver Blair
Omnis Builder
Oscar Bradley
Octavia Laney
Olicia Leah
Olive Lana
Olivia Lennie
Ondine Larissa
Onella Louise
Bazo Orlando Olivia
Cyril and Judy Oscar Benjamin  
Geoff Orlando  
Jennifer Opie

Middle Names
Joanne   Olivia
Leeanne Ollie  
Malcolm and Agnes Oliver Olivia
Maria Oscar Benjamin  
Michele Orlando Benjamin
Michelle Oliver Benjamin
Oriana Leah
Olivia Louise

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